Museums that are well worth a visit!

Mjölby folk museum
There are several museum buildings on the site that show different rural environments from the late 19th and early 20th centuries.
Museum objects are displayed in the various environments and in the large museum building.
Contact: Mjölby folk museum, telephone 0142-14747, 076-3682309 

Högby folk museum
Högby folk museum is open in summer on Tuesdays.
There is coffee service and various activities as well as a display of the collections, school cards and pictures from the area.
Contact: Helene Gustafsson, telephone 0142-72033

Vistaladan farm museum
Located in Väderstad with model vehicles, pictures, beer cans, bottles, items from trade and agriculture. 
Theme nostalgia, retro diorama.
Contact: Roger Svensson, telephone 070-2731255

Sya folk museum
A living gathering place in the small town of Sya. With recurring events throughout the year and with a number of different collections and old objects preserved for the future. Telephony, carpentry, shoemaking, milk preparation, office, library, utility museum, school, kitchen, etc.
Contact: Tomas Unell, telephone 0142-26313

Västra Hargs folk museum
Tyrsbo was a dilapidated croft from 1830. It was moved to the folk museum in 1999. After the move, a very comprehensive renovation of the cottage was required.
The local community association wanted, as far as possible, to recreate the original appearance of the cottage. 
Contact: Gunn Britt Petersson, telephone 0142-240 11

Öjebro old mill village is an idyll that makes the visitor experience what it could be like in the village community before the Great Partition and legal shift.
Here is, among other things, an old stone arch bridge over the Svartån river from the 18th century. In Öjebro there is an electric mill which today is one of the village's museums.

Skänninge City Hall
Skänninge Museum of Urban History. In the City Hall, which was built in 1770, St. Ingrid's Guild has been responsible for historical exhibitions since 1971. Here, the history of the city and the City Hall in the form of texts, pictures and models are shown. Finds from archaeological excavations are combined with sculptures by Gottfrid Larsson and Carin Nilson. 
Contact: telephone, 0142-402 96

The museum courtyards in old Skänninge

1. Sjölingården - a living museum on an 18th century farm
Here you will find a shop, pharmacy, watchmakery etc. and lots of other objects from different eras. In the yard there is also a stable, a functioning smithy and Skänninge's oldest museum building, the small Solbergastugan. 
Contact: telephone, 0142-402 96.

2. Sandbergsgården - with a cultural monument garden!
An 18th century farm where the small peepholes in the doors give memories of how the maid stood and looked at her householders. Here you get to experience a 19th century bourgeois environment where original paintings from the 18th century are preserved. The associated garden with sheds, gazebos and the old plants and fruit varieties is the only cultural monument in Mjölby municipality.
Contact: telephone, 0142-402 96

3. Axbomsgården - brings many memories to life!
The house was built during the 18th century and today houses our school museum with school materials and school environments from the 19th and 20th centuries. Here you are welcome to sit down in school desks from the 19th century. An appreciated museum of both large and small!
Contact: telephone, 0142-402 96