Kungshögarna and Dackefejden


The burial ground Kungshögarna or Knektahagen is located on a plateau that rises 135 meters above sea level. The field is located on a ridge and sow of 125 ancient monuments, 20 mounds, 80 round stone circles, 12 tridents, 1 skeppsformig stone circle and three standing stones. Many of the stones are overgrown by grass and moss.

Pour the coffins that were found in the northern part of the burial ground was of a type called stone chamber tombs that were common towards the end of the Stone Age.

The area excavated in 1902 and the finds were pottery, buckles of iron and bronze, swords and a few sickles. The findings are preserved in the State Historical Museum.

In conjunction with the Kungshögar burial ground is mentioned often Dackefejden - Dacke-rebillion. The peasant uprising that stood between the army of Gustav Vasa  and the peasant army that had gathered around Nils Dacke. The uprising was a result of Gustav Vasa's disregard for farmers with large tax increases. Vasa put wardens to verify the farmers. The Dacke rebellion was winter 1542-43 and hit together at Skrukeby-Högby just outside Mjölby. This is the most widespread peasant uprising in the history of Sweden. The battle ended in a draw but this feud was a turning point in the plunge campaign which raged in Småland and Östergötland.

Dackefejden is the final violent showdown between the decentralized medieval peasant society and the new age of the growing central power. Dacke- rebellion is the biggest uprising ever in Sweden and shook the first Vasa king's throne and echoed far out in Europe. During the feud was probably around 6,000 troops involved, 3,000 on each side.

Public transportation


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King High burial ground is located at the Royal High School in Mjölby. Go into Ryttarhagsleden that goes in parallel with the E4 with entrance at Mjolby West (Viringeområdet). Park in the school's parking. The burial ground is located in a southeasterly direction to a wood lot on the left side of the school parking lot.