Hospitalet in Skanninge

Skänninge, Mjölby

Just outside Skanninge during the Middle Ages thera was a hospital. Here nursed lepers, also known as leprosy ("the spitala disease"). During the early Middle Ages was Skänninge a considerable town with two monasteries. Pilgrims and merchants came and brought  sometimes infectious diseases.

On the site there have probably been several buildings but today there are only ruins of the chapel remains. In the Middle Ages were excavated ponds at the hospital where, among other cultured fish to supply. Hospitalet was also located close to the road and made it possible to beg for alms. They lived on donations and their own crops and livestock.


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From Skanninge Motalagatan shortly after Preem petrol station and after railway viaduct is a path on the right side of the road. Follow this along Skenaån stream that leads out to Hopsitalsruinen. The road there is the Bishop Berga, which is north of Skanninge heading towards 990 Laps. Parking is near ruin.