Öjebro - old mill village


Öjebro is a mill village located on both sides of Svartån where the road between Linköping and Skänninge crosses the river.

The village's history dates to at least the 1300 century when the lepracy hospitle in Skänninge received taxes from
a mill they owned in the village.

The village has had number of businesses, industries and crafts over the years. Such as: mills,
dyers, blacksmiths, carpenters, tailors, shoemakers and saddlers, etc.

Electric came early to the village. In 1885 on of the factories in the village got electric lighting.

1902-03 a power station was built in Knutsbro and 1910-11 one in Öjebro and thus the furrows of
free running water was drained and the last two waterdriven mills and the saw lost its powersource.

In 1911 the saw was electrified and AB Knutsbro power station built the  electric mill which was in operation until 1969 and which is now  a museum whith exhibitions about the village's history.

The village is also the site of one of the country's longest stone arch bridges, with eight arches and  a length between abutments of 64 meters, the bridge was built in 1797 to replace a wooden bridge that burned.



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On the road 206 between Highway Cross in Mantorp and Skänninge is Öjebro. Turn towards Kavlebäck, go approx. 200 meters, there is a bulletin board on the left side with information about the village.