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Stämma nature reserve


Meeting Nature Reserve with its high conservation values are also included in the Natura 2000 European network of valuable nature. The flora is rich in species. Bugle, quaking grass, milkwort, moonwort, bistort, rattles, daisies, staggering, summer beard, scabious, orchid, rockrose and svinrot are common in pastures.

Pastures are relatively open, but birches stand scattered in almost the whole area. Examples of other tree species are ash, aspen, oak, wild apple tree, cherry, maple, pine, rowan, willow and white beam. Among the shrubs there are hazel, wild roses and hawthorn. In a couple of sedge fen (wet meadows) grows mainly some al, but also birch and willow species.

Traces of old agricultural landscape are many. In the east are several remnants of building foundations and underground cellars. More than 100 m southeast of the dwelling on Stämma is an old charcoal kiln and west of the house, it has been a distillery (as district map).


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From Västra Harg follow signs to Strålsnäs. After about 3-4 km you will reach Meeting. Turn left onto a small road that runs along the paddock at the sign "nature reserve"