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Örbackens nature reserve

Skänninge, Mjölby

Örbackens limestone marsh is located below the Mjölbydeltat northern slope. The marsh is probably the most typical flood irrigation bog in Östergötland. In the open marsh enters spring water produced and collected in small meandering streams. Through the crystal clear water you can see that the bottom is covered with white lime scale from the calcareous water.

The calcareous water in Örbacken gives rise to a very rich flora. In May, the pink majvivan, among tufts of axag. The orchids, with its huge color and shape wealth dominate lime bog in summer.

Örbackens calcareous marsh is also valuable from an international perspective. Therefore Örbacken designated as a Natura 2000 site. Natura 2000 is a network of valuable habitats in Europe.


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Örbacken reached from the road between Mjölby and Skänninge. Turn at the sign Örbacken from the motorway and follow the signs.