Veta Church

Veta, Mjölby

The oldest parts are from the 1100's. The preserved documents mention the church for the first time in the 1334. The church is built in limestone and granite. The church's vaults are paintings from the second half of the 1500's. In the chancel are paintings of medieval origin. The altarpiece is from 1761 and the pulpit from the late 1600's. The church contain epitaphs of members of the House Vennerstedt of Solberga. Next to the church stands a bell tower, built in 1727-1728.

From the oldest church comes a rich iron-bound door that is now located inside the porch. In the south wall of the east chancel is a "looking whole," which was for criminals and people with infectious diseases who was not allowed to come into the church but could thus follow the mass.

Directions: From E4 by Mantorp society, follow the signs to "Veta kyrka"

Vifolka parish
Expedition: 0142-55430
Caretaker: 0706-516889


Admission for wheelchairs: No.

Wheelchair toilet: No