Mjölby Church


The old church in Mjölby was from the 1100s and was at the time equipped with a high tower, which in 1751 was equipped with a clock with dial and hands. At this time, there was no country church in Östergötland who had such a device. The usual church bells hung in a separate bell tower.

In the year 1771 the old church, vicarage, and a large part of the mill village, burned down. Of the 1100-century church only part of the tower remain. The present church was built in 1772-1779.

The new church's sanctuary is decorated with beautiful stained glass windows that were composed of CH Crodel in Munich in 1968 and built by the firm of Franz Mayer in the same city. The sanctuary consists of three windows depicting the Trinity. The baptismal font is made in the 1620-1670s in Skänninge and Vadstena.

Mjölby Högby parish tel. 0142-18040