Kumla Church


Several churches were built around Tåkern in the 1100's. Among them Kumla church. Inl the late 1700s the church was fitted with a bell tower, but it was so bad that it had to be demolished. The church houses a Gustav Vasa Bible from the 1541st Its beautiful ornament is the altar of the Middle Ages. In 1326 the village was called Kumlaby, which means "village of the burial mounds." A little west of the church is a burial mound, and north of it along the road are two menhirs from the late Iron Age.

On the way to the church if you are traveling from Väderstad there are three runestones beside the road.

The church is open during the summer. 

Disabled Parking: No

Accessible Entrance: Yes

Wheelchair toilet: No, existing toilets 85 x 220 cm


  • WC