Bjälbo Church


Bjälbo is a medieval parish, in 1100's and 1300's belonging to the Bjälbo dynasty. The remains of an earlier wooden church has been encountered in archaeological excavations a 100 meters north of the present church.

The current stone church was originally built in the 1100´s with a rectangular nave and narrower chansel. The impressive tower, dated to 1220 according to dendrochronological studies, is unusually broad and strong. During the 1780´s, the medieval chancel and apse was demolished. The church got its present shape with a rounded sanctuary, large window openings with rounded arcs and a high pitched roof covered with swarf is hipped to the east. The main entrance is through the tower to the west, but an entry is also centrally located on the south side. The church represents an area of national interest for cultural heritage conservation.

Visit Ingrid Ylva, Birger Jarl mother's house by climbing up the narrow stone stairs leading up to the tower.


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